Client and influencer Reviews

"I love the aesthetic of Isla Jewellery . Not only are your designs unique , your pieces are durable and of high quality, and I love the fact that your product suits my personal everyday style "

@disco_forest from France "The necklace Arrived today , Thank you , its very beautiful , I really love your designs "


Aitaj from Azerbaijan " I really love this oriental inspired touch , its so original an exotic , adding a special touch to my everyday outfits"

Pilar from Uruguay " For me Isla has an amazing set of go to products if you are looking for a unique touch that nobody else would have. I always get asked where my jewellery is from since it always stands out "

@thelittleblogpic from Switzerland " I visited your website and there are plenty of beautiful items" 

Margarita from Spain " For me your jewellery saves any outfit, I do not have to think too much about what to wear in the morning because as soon as I add a piece  , it brightens by look "

Casilda from Switzerland , " Your jewellery is so cool , I especially love the ones with the coins and crosses, it is great to add a boho touch "

Nuria from Barcelona "I really love the square turquoise earrings they really have a sophisticated touch that stands out from the kind of jewellery you see day to day "

@sisters.from.another.... from Switzerland " We love the whole concept of isla, having a particular obsession with the beautiful bangles" 

@thechicadvocate from Switzerland " I really like your jewellery , and would love to present the unique circle necklace"

Emiliana from Brazil "Whenever I wear Isla jewellery , I always manage to stand out because its so different from any other, and I personally love the fact that its handmade"